A Little Awkward

Millie in a party dress. There's a story behind this one... It was based on a roleplay in which Millie when to a party and my shiny Lopunny, Lolly, made a party dress for her. The design was partially based on Serperior, since Millie's friend at the time was a Serperior and other characters thought they were a couple. It would be interesting to redraw this one but with an slightly different design, as Millie actually does have a boyfriend now... Ironically, he's a dark type, even though Millie is afraid of dark types.

Millie doesn't really like wearing clothes. She feels unnatural since Pokemon don't naturally wear clothes (well, at least most of them don't.) Most of my characters do wear something, even if it's just an accessory. Millie does wear a jumper in her updated design... But she wears it more so because it was a gift so she feels rude not wearing it.

Lineart for this piece is not avaliable.
Posted 28th July 2017.
Millie belongs to me.
Mewtwo belongs to GameFreak.