Diamond In The Rough

My Sableye, Seren, was raised in the wild by Serenity (who also named him.)
Serenity found Seren's egg when she was 15 years old and was immediately interested, but her family tried to convince her it was just another boring rock. Serenity took care of the egg anyway, and it soon hatched. She decided to leave her home to travel and raised Seren for 15 years, before he was captured by a young trainer.

Seren used to have much lighter fur and skin when he was a baby, and Serenity looked like a toddler, despite being a teenager.
Also, Seren was never in the habit of calling Serenity 'mum' but instead calls her 'Nini' and she often calls him 'Ren-ren.'

I don't really like how this picture came out to be honest... I think it's a little too dull. I need a lot more practice on scenic backgrounds though, so I'm glad I tried.

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Posted 18th September 2017.
Serenity and Seren belong to me.
Mawile and Sableye belong to GameFreak.