Dustox Duo

This is Siru, from Jon's Emerald Nuzlocke on Super Carlin Gaming on YouTube. (It's really entertaining. I recommend checking it out, along with his other series.)

His shiny Dustox was my favourite member of the team and I was amazed at how well she did throughout the game!
I even decided to hunt for a shiny Dustox of my own because of the Nuzlocke and got one which I called Veniposa. (I'll give her a unique design and draw her eventually.)

There was also a non-shiny Dustox on the team called Astro (as shown behind Siru.)

I think this is actually the only finished picture I ever posted on my old Twitter account... (Soooooo... Sorry for tagging you in it twice, Jon.)

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Posted 8th September 2017.
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