Expensive Taste

I updated Seren's design. He now no longer wears his Team Rocket uniform. His new design includes a ring and quiffed hair (although his hair technically hasn't changed... It just wasn't visible before because he wore a hat.)

Seren likes to look at mega stones. They make him feel calm and relaxed. But, since his own mega stone is stuck in his back, he often holds other Pokemon's mega stones. He usually has Lissy's mega stone, as she doesn't really need it with her at all times and it's better that she doesn't have it so that she isn't as dangerous if she has a tantrum.
Seren has a bit of a habit of stealing mega stones without thinking about it. He does it subconsciously and it sometimes gets him into trouble...

I'm happy with his new design but I'm not 100% happy with this particular drawing... I think the proportions are a little off...

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Posted 19th September 2017.
Seren belongs to me.
Sableye belongs to GameFreak.