Fools Silver

This is my shiny Gengar, Fools Silver, mostly known just as Silver.

Silver used to be a human. He and Holly were siblings during their human lives. Silver wanted to be a powerful trainer like his mother and older sister, but he found that he was better at fighting himself, rather than training Pokemon to fight for him.

Design-wise, I really like shiny Haunter's blue tongue and wanted to carry that over to Gengar... Silver's tongue isn't actually blue naturally. He is nearly always chewing blue bubblegum, so his tongue is just stained blue.
He used to be in Team Skull and still considers them to be part of his family, so he kept his Team Skull necklace and wears it as an earring.

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Posted 7th September 2017.
Fools Silver belongs to me.
Gengar belongs to GameFreak.