This is one of the original designs for my Persona, Bea, also known as GardeMoi.

She is basically me in a Gardevoir form. Her heart piece/chest spike changes colour depending on her mood. It is usually turquoise when her mood is neutral, and only really changes if her emotions are extreme. I coloured it yellow here because she is very very happy.

This felt like an appropriate art piece to post first on my website since I'm really happy about finally getting back to posting my artwork online and I'm very excited about all the plans I have for my artwork in the near future!

It's not the first time I've posted this picture on the internet. It has been on DeviantArt in the past, along with most of the pictures I'll be posting over the first week or so. Since a lot of the artwork that I'm posting was drawn as far back as last year, the quality of the artwork that I post will increase vastly over the first couple of months.

Lineart for this piece is not available.
Posted 25th July 2017.
Bea/GardeMoi belongs to me.
Gardevoir belongs to GameFreak.