Have A Super Merry Christmas

I wanted to post something Christmas related but unfortunately I haven't really drawn much over the past couple months. I did have this doodle that I thought was pretty cute so I decided to ink and colour it. I know I usually post Pokemon stuff but I've been in a Mario mood lately after playing Odyssey and Super Mario Party, then revisiting Sunshine and trying old games that I never played like Bowser's inside story, which I really enjoyed. I'm still working on Pokemon drawings but expect to see a bit of Mario sprinkled in sometimes.

Anyway, this was just a doodle of Mario and Peach chibis. The paper felt a bit empty and I don't usually like to cut it down so I just added little borders at the top and bottom to fill the space. If I had time I would do more of these with other pairings I like, such as Daisy and Luigi, and Rosalina and Bowser. :3
I think they could make cute Christmas cards. ^^

Anyways, I hope everyone has a super Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :)

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Posted 24th December 2018.
Mario and Peach belong to Nintendo.