Hopes And Dreams In The Stitches And Seams

My shiny Gallade, Kirlia and shiny Lopunny (Louis, Tallulah and Lolly) in their pyjamas. I drew this because I wanted to redraw Louis in his PJs, then decided to draw his daughter and wife along with him. I was actually really sleepy when I drew this too so that may have partially been my inspiration. The patterns on the PJs represent the characters’ dreams – Louis wanting to be able to mega evolve and prove that he isn’t weak and Lolly wanting to find true love – Dreams which have both been fulfilled. However, Tallulah wants to evolve into a Gallade, which of course isn’t possible. Also in this picture, I somehow forgot to draw Lolly’s eyebrows, but then realised I didn’t like them anyway and removed them from her design for future pictures.

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Posted 24th August 2018.
Gallade, Kirlia and Lopunny belong to GameFreak.
Louis, Tallulah and Lolly belong to me.