Hula Hoops

I updated Holly's design after giving her a deeper backstory. This is pretty much just a redraw of an earlier picture of Holly, with an updated design. I'm pleased with the improvement in both artwork quality and design.

Holly was originally a human from Alola. She wanted to be a strong trainer, like her mother, but her father banned her from training Pokemon after her mother went out to battle one day and never came back... But Holly continued to wander onto the route by her hometown and play with her Pokemon friends.

She particularly liked to play with a shiny Rockruff, but unfortunately met her fate one day during her attempt to save the Rockruff from danger. She then became a Hoopa and was later reunited with her Rockruff friend, along with her younger brother and other lost friends.

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Posted 6th September 2017.
Holly belongs to me.
Hoopa belongs to GameFreak.