Johto Starters Pie

Even though I didn't really play very much of the generation two games when I was younger, I'm still very hyped about the digital releases of Gold and Silver, thanks to Toby (BirdKeeperToby) and Phil (PDWinnall) who livestreamed on YouTube as they played the games.

So, since the hype levels for Johto are high right now, I made a Johto themed pie!

(Also, since I'm sure someone will want to know for some reason, the pie is a vegetable pie with a cheese sauce. I make one every week and decorate it differently each time. I usually don't spend too long on the decorating because the pie is ultimately just dinner for me and my brother and isn't for any special occasion... But I did spend quite some time decorating this particular pie.)

Posted 23rd September 2017.
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