Mega Sapphi

My shiny Banette, Sapphi, in her mega form.

I’m really pleased with this picture and it was my first real attempt in a while at a proper scenic background.

I originally made her mega form much like her normal form with lots of rips and patches held together by damaged bits of thread, but I decided that I wanted it to be a lot neater since mega forms are considered the true form of the Pokemon, and Sapphi is not really the creepy and crazy old doll that she seems to be. At heart, Sapphi is very caring and not as unstable and psychotic as she may look. So I instead focused on zips and buttons as the main elements of her design. I went for a dress and bows to reflect how she used to dress in her past life as a Celebi.

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Posted 17th September 2018.
Mega Banette belongs to GameFreak.
Sapphi belongs to me.