New Look, New Life

This is Tori's updated design, which I'm very happy with.

When Tori is stressed, she builds up a lot of psychic energy and has to get rid of it as quickly as possible without anyone getting hurt... So she often focuses the energy into her hair and skirt, making them grow very long. She then cuts off the parts she doesn't want. (I consider her skirt to be like hair or nails. It's a part of her, but it doesn't hurt when she cuts it.)

After suffering through a very stressful time in her life and going through a lot of changes, Tori restyled herself and decided to change. She started to become more mature and put more effort into raising her children, developed a relationship with her father and found love with someone she really cared about.

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Posted 25th August 2017.
Tori belongs to me.
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