Precious Little Pecha Berry

The new design for my shiny Gallade, Louis.
All I really changed is the hair, but I think it makes a big difference. It maybe looks a little odd and doesn't really fit the origins of Gallade, but that would match Louis' personality since he's not usually much of a fighter and he's not super brave.

If anything, he's very sweet and shy and only really fights to protect people and occasionally trains with his best friend, Kicks. Louis' real talent lies in singing, which is a talent that runs in his family.

Before Louis had a trainer, he lived on a route and was called Pecha. This was a name chosen by his older sister, Tori, and a name she still occasionally uses as a cute nickname for him when she's being more affectionate with him.

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Posted 18th October 2017.
Louis belongs to me.
Gallade belongs to GameFreak.