My Sableye, Serendibite. Also known as Seren. He used to be a member of Team Rocket, although he no longer works for them. Even though he looks menacing in this picture, he's actually a very gentle and well behaved Sableye.

He's got a fear of fairy types but he does manage just fine around particular fairies if he's used to them. (He kinda has to manage since most of his family, including his adoptive mother, wife, daughters and granddaughters, are fairy types... Even his trainer is technically a fairy type!)

Anyway, like many of my characters, his design has been updated. His new design doesn't have the armband or hat and shows his slightly quiffed hair/fur. He also wears a gold ring in the new design.

Lineart for this piece is not avaliable.
Posted 29th July 2017.
Serendibite belongs to me.
Sableye belongs to GameFreak.